Oculus Quest 2 Turning Off by Itself? 13 Fixes to Stop It

Oculus Quest 2 Turning Off by Itself? 13 Fixes to Stop It

It’s beyond frustrating when you’re immersed in VR and your Oculus Quest 2 suddenly shuts off unexpectedly. Random powering off is one of the more common issues users report.

Luckily, in most cases, this problem can be fixed with some simple troubleshooting. Here are the top reasons the Oculus Quest 2 keeps turning off randomly and how to stop it.


The #1 cause of random Oculus Quest 2 shutdowns is overheating. The headset and processors generate a lot of heat, especially during graphically intense gaming.

Make sure your play area is cool and well-ventilated. Avoid direct sunlight and don’t bundle up the headset in blankets or covers that trap heat.

Take frequent breaks every 30 mins or so to give the Quest a chance to cool down.

You can also invest in a headset fan that attaches to the front and blows cool air over the Quest. This helps regulate temperature during longer sessions.

Faulty Battery

If your Quest 2 battery is malfunctioning, it could be randomly losing power. Try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Fully charge the battery and run it all the way down to empty. Then give it a full recharge cycle. This calibrates the battery.
  • Boot into the headset while it’s plugged into power and turn off automatic sleep. If it stays on for an hour or more without turning off, the battery is likely the issue.
  • Contact Oculus Support to arrange a replacement battery if you suspect a fault. Don’t attempt to replace it yourself as this voids the warranty.

Power Button Accidentally Pressed

With the touch controllers, it’s easy to accidentally graze the power button on the headset, instantly turning it off.

Try adjusting the fit so the controllers don’t rest directly on the power button. You can also activate the new “Are you sure?” power off confirmation which adds a layer of protection against accidental presses.

Loose Battery Connection

If the battery isn’t properly seated in the compartment, the connection can work itself loose, cutting power.

Take the battery out, visually inspect the contacts for dirt or damage, then re-insert it firmly so it clicks into place.

If the issue persists, the battery terminal may need replacement by Oculus Support.

Software Bugs

App crashes, OS corruption, and other software bugs can sometimes trigger a spontaneous shutdown.

Always keep your Quest updated with the latest firmware. Reboot the headset regularly and factory reset if you suspect system file corruption.

Faulty Charger

While the Quest is charging, a damaged charger cable or adapter could cause intermittent power loss leading to shutdowns.

Try charging with a different high-quality USB-C cable and power adapter. Don’t use third-party accessories that aren’t certified by Oculus.

Power Management Setting

Under Experimental Features, there’s a power management option that forces shutdown at low battery to prevent complete depletion. If this is enabled prematurely, it could shut you down at 20-30%.

Disable this experimental setting and see if it stops the random power-offs. Only use it if you’re experiencing shutdowns at extremely low battery.

Outdated Apps

Apps that aren’t updated for the latest OS can have compatibility issues leading to crashes and shutdowns.

Go to your library and update any outdated apps. Give priority to apps you use frequently that could be triggering the issue.

Intermittent Short Circuit

In rare cases, a faulty component like the audio chip can short circuit, cutting power temporarily.

This requires repair from Oculus Support. Contact them for troubleshooting if you’ve ruled out the above fixes.

Automatic Sleep Mode

By default, the Quest 2 will automatically sleep after a few minutes of inactivity to conserve battery. This sleep mode essentially powers down the headset.

Disable the automatic sleep if you don’t want the Quest to turn off between uses. Just keep in mind this drains battery faster when idle.

High Temperature Auto Shutdown

If the processor temperature exceeds safe operation limits, the Quest will perform an emergency auto shutdown to avoid damage.

Make sure you aren’t leaving the Quest in direct sunlight or hot environments. Add a cooling fan and take frequent breaks if you play in warmer rooms.

Excessive Battery Drain

As the battery degrades over time, it may no longer hold a full charge. The Quest will shut down when the charge reaches zero, even if you’re in the middle of a game.

Watch for shorter runtime on a full charge over time. Contact Oculus for a replacement battery if your usage per charge decreases substantially.

Outdated Firmware

Old firmware can introduce performance bugs that lead to overheating shutdowns. Keep your Quest updated with the latest OS updates.

Check Settings > About for the current build number. Then visit the Oculus phone app to download any available updates.

With some trial and error using these troubleshooting tips, you should be able to resolve those annoying Oculus Quest 2 random shutdowns. Just take it slow and methodically rule out each potential cause. Once identified, apply the appropriate fix so you can get back to uninterrupted VR gaming.

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